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The Bahamas Historical Society is a non-profit cultural and educational organisation dedicated to stimulating interest in Bahamian History and to the collection and preservation of material relating to that history.

One of the society's main objectives is to improve its Museum and to open it more frequently to the public. Society programmes and publications are made possible by membership dues, donations and advertisements in the Journal.

The Society is governed by its Articles of Association. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held during the month of April.


Bahamian artist, Mr Alton Lowe kindly designed the crest for the Bahamas Historical Society, which appears on this website. It was being used for the first time in connection with the celebration of the society's twenty-fifth anniversary in October 1984. The crest depicts a sailing sloop; these boats have played such an important role in the life and the development of the Bahama Islands.


Founding of the Society
The Bahamas Historical Society was founded in 1959 by Lady Arthur, the wife of the then-Governor of the Bahamas, Sir Raynor Arthur. With the support of the most prominent residents of the Bahamas at the time, she was able to establish the society.


History of the Society
Early meetings of the society were held at Government House and later at "The Rand Compound," which had once been used as a storehouse of the West India Regiment. Lectures and small exhibitions were the main activities of the society. During the 1960s, the society relocated to a building in Cumberland Street, where a permanent exhibit was mounted. In 1976, the present building was donated to the society by the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire.


The Journal of the Bahamas Historical Society
The society's Journal has been published since 1979 and forms an important database of scholarly research on the history of the Bahamas. Submissions of articles related to Bahamian history are invited. ... more

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